Saturday, October 16, 2010

Legalese: The Case for Babelian Towers

What is a human being?
     ~ AnonymousThe People

Most of us would agree that the English languege is the most expressive and most adaptive language known to human kind. Though we here at Jesus Christ Unlimited agree, our skeptical approach to reality urges us to question English as the undoubted universal language.

This week, in light of the increase in reports of human paranormal sexuality linked to illegal chop suey, analysts, editors and artists of JCU ponder:

Why is English the Language of the world?

After seven years, six months, 35 days, and four hours of research and introspection JCU associates have found a man who puts the Situation of the modern Westward-oriented human being into greater, grandiose context: (Sir) John Harris.

The video below lays out his theory. It's bit over 30 minutes, so be sure you are hydrated, relieved and comfortable before watching. And now, without further waste of your time, JCU presents:

John Harris argues the case against Babelian Towers:

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